Friday, June 15, 2012

No Questions for You!

Hey, did you hear?  A reporter 'heckled' the president today.  With a question.  As if!

OK, maybe it was a little disrespectful.  He wasn't finished. Most presidents are expected to finish their remarks before the questions get shouted, even if they aren't planning to take questions.  The Daily Caller's excuse is that he mis-timed the question, thinking the human filibuster was done when he wasn't.  An easy mistake to make, but at the same time somewhat unbelievable.  He wanted questions. 

Of course MSNBC was on the ball today in response.  When their hosts weren't suggesting Mitt's death in a fiery bus explosion their guests were wondering if the Caller's reporter wasn't a racist--would a white president ever get heckled by the press?   Evidently they missed the Bush and Reagan years.  Or even Clinton.

Since liberals are always searching for the deeper meaning on everything here's a stab at it.  One, presidents are becoming more and more insulated from the tough questions.  Obama rarely does a presser that isn't scripted and the White House press corpse are generally afraid to interrupt even the press spokesman, much less the actual president.   Some aren't--but they are the oddities or work for Fox News.   

Two, Obama was clearly trying to score political points with another imperial presidency moment on a Friday afternoon and he didn't want some hack messing it up.  That's probably why the Caller guy tried to mess it up.

As to the action itself, it's not completely off the wall (other than the part about ignoring Constitutional duties and the glaring hypocrisy) as everyone can sympathize with the plight of a kid who, by the actions of their parents, is committing a crime by just living in his/her home.  That said, this sounds pretty subjective.  Will the production of documents to prove someone a "dreamer" not also implicate their illegal parents, who themselves should have been deported years earlier, alleviating the need for a Dreamer act?  What a colossal mess this country has become.

MORE  6/16/12

Just thinking out loud about the benevolent King's latest proclamation.   Presumably the illegal kids of illegals this action pertains to are already working, right?  If they are working without documentation that probably means they are either using false Social Security numbers, IRS furnished numbers, or being paid under the table.  If the latter, will their tax liabilities be forgiven now, once they emerge from the shadows with documents to prove they are no-fault children of illegals?   Will such paperwork implicate their illegal parents? If so, has the King mandated that the parents are immune from deportation as well? 

Will they get in line for green cards or cut in front?  Or will it be a new kind of special green card, resulting in a new branch of ICE to process?   Will they be charged fees--after all, it was not their fault. 

No wonder Barack Cheney didn't want any questions.  The likely goal of this move is to force Rubio's Dream Act into rapid passage, nullifying the political capital it might have captured from Latinos.  In other words, the POTUS is willing to use his office and powers as purely political if need be.  Even John Yoo is amazed.  

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