Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The story of Syria hasn't been warranting top drawer news coverage for some reason--probably because the administration has decided not to engage despite perhaps 10,000 civilian deaths.  But one might think at least a few mainstream journalists would point out that Hillary (and her smart power aides) once gave Russia a reset button as a symbolic gesture of Bush's failures and the Russians gleefully played along.  Now they are shoving that button up her rear

Meanwhile, Izzat al Duri and the Islamic State of Iraq are up to their old tricks in Iraq, trying to start a civil war there while a civil war rages in Syria according to the UN despite what Baghdad Bob says.  Obama is proud of withdrawing from Iraq, so how can he engage in Syria?  Guess we only have a 'responsibility to protect' Libyans and a few other assorted Africans.

All the while the economy remains in a quagmire.  Maybe it's time for Obama to walk down the hall, gaze up at the portrait and say, "what would George do?"

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