Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting There...

The suspense is building to a crescendo!    Yes, will Eric Holder be voted in contempt or not.. no.  Of course everyone cares about Obamacare.   The nation will be at attention Thursday, focusing like a laser beam on the SCOTUS (and all the punditry thereafter).  Hell, people will be so focused the admin could release Bush-era records saying Saddam was behind 9/11 or Martians landed in Roswell in the 40s and few would notice.   Just imagine the chaos if Kim Kardashian got lost and somehow managed to show up outside the Supreme courthouse just as the verdicts were being announced.

I have no idea which way this is going.  None.   I hope the justices realize that a mandate is the slipperiest of slippery slopes and shoot it down, leaving Obama to do what he wanted to do in the first place...

He certainly sounds more like Mark Levin in this one as opposed to Nancy Pelosi..

But maybe they were just words.  The words we read and hear tomorrow will likely have longer-lasting effect.


Kinda confused, I heard that was a reply of some sort but was wondering if it was part of the official SCOTUS opinion?   

But OK,  Roberts and company read the mind of Congress and called it a tax.  So it can remain.  Otherwise, if Congress had passed something forcing us to buy a product and penalized us for not buying it, and it wasn't called a tax, that would be wrong and a gross overstepping of government power.   That means when they force us to buy so many pounds of broccoli one day in the future they simply need to call it a tax and presto, it's constitutional!  Take that, biatches!

Wait though.  In reality such a thing would not pass because as Palin points out, if it were a tax it wouldn't have, er, passed.  People don't like taxes unless someone else is paying them.  Maybe Roberts wasn't part of a grand flim-flam, maybe he was trying to point out the importance of legislation and voting.

Of course now that it's officially a tax that means Obama has just raised taxes on those making less than 250K per year, which breaks his signature campaign promise.   He's got some splainin to do.  Meanwhile Romney, who had a mandate in Mass and has split the finest of hairs to explain why his was different than Obama's will be forced to campaign for repealing the very same vehicle that allowed his own signature legislation to pass.  What a mess.   Sounds like they're better off focusing on jobs, jobs, jobs.    

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Right Truth said...

In the rush to get the "news" out Fox and CNN I think got the mandate verdict initially wrong. Having taken some time as the day progressed, I think this was a really bad turnout. Mixed messages. What to do now? Back in the hands of Congress? Congress passed this debacle in the first place.

Now there is talk of going forward, implementing, forcing doctors to get unionized, hoping people won't buy the insurance so they can force them on the government co-ops (whatever they are calling them).

Like my hubby, many are thinking of quitting, retiring as soon as possible. If the stock market, retirement funds don't crash too.

Right Truth