Friday, June 22, 2012

Shocked, Shocked

A fast and furious trip around the web this morning produced quite the predictable result--the major media, instead of smelling blood in the water as they do with most scandals, are furiously trying to paint this one as a fishing trip wrapped in a witch hunt unworthy of serious coverage. 

None besides Fox were front-paging it.  CNN found some obscure expert to opine in their politics section that the GOP House has no chance of 'success' in pursuing this issue, despite two dead US agents.  The WaPo's Eugene Robinson actually makes the point that most other liberals are denying--that guns were the issue, not the program.   How about drugs, Mr. Robinson?  If US drug consumers didn't exist, neither would the cartels.

One must dig deep to find the NY Times coverage, buried in their political section, but the results were not unexpected.  Their headline--"Partisan Confrontation That Not All Wanted".  Or in other words, the Times calls it a fishing expedition without actually saying it.

A dig is also required over at ABC News, matter of fact, such a dig ends up in China because at the time of this search there were no stories noted on their website.   A reader does learn about Meg Ryan selling her home, though.  And of course Jerry Sandusky and George Zimmerman are still hot. 

NBC has a video in their politics section of Boehner promising a vote in the full house.  Most NBC readers would not know what in the world the vote was about. 

Finally, CBS News, whose reporter Sharyl Attkisson has been the most active MSM reporter on the story for years now, had two stories in their "investigates" section (nothing at all on their front page), one talking about agent Brian Terry's family suing the government and the other discussing the revelation that another Inspector General--from Homeland Security--is now investigating the case based on a request by a GOP congressman.  So there are now two IG's investigating the event.  

No, none of this is man bites dog.  It does illustrate how far in the tank most of the main outlets have sunk, which gets us closer to a banana republic every day.   And that's certainly part of the scandal. 

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