Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Drones No Longer Creating New Terrorists

Big AQ fish apparently fried, number two they say.   AQ is running out of leaders, but the ones remaining are nothing to sneeze over

Say what you will about Obama but he's one shrewd politico.  He knows AQ has no answer to the drones and we're picking them off one by one, winning through attrition.  He knows most of the leg work in discovering the inner-workings of AQ came from the men he once threatened to prosecute for 'torture'.  Soon they will bag Zawahiri and the few remaining bigwigs, Obama will spike the football and AQ will fracture into a loose series of cells to be dealt with by drones and special operations forces.    

Yes, it would be handled differently in the press and lefty commentators before 2009.  No, there will be no jokes or conspiracy theories about taking out another AQ number two or three or how we can't win the WoT, and Obama will not call it a 'bumper sticker' like John Edwards did in 2007.  He won't complain about us 'air-raiding villages and killing civilians'. Few in the press will fulminate about how our drone strikes or Gitmo are creating more terrorists.  And yes, if Romney wins the circle will rotate 180 degrees very quickly.

But that's politics in America.  This is war--and we have to keep whacking moles.  These guys spend their waking hours thinking about new ways to kill us.  "Hey Abdul, how about we tap into the heating vent using, hey what's that noise?  BOOM".   That's a good thing.

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