Monday, March 25, 2013

Aviation Update

Responding to Jazz Shaw on Hot Air regards tower closings..
Assume there is some sort of public outcry this year after a couple of regional jets clip wings on the runways of some municipal airports. At that point, Washington gets the excuse they need to staff at least some of the towers back up. Will they go back to the private contractors, or will the unions move in with their “much more efficient” practices?
Wizened insight. But God forbid there is more than a wing clip. Our aviation safety record for commercial airlines is excellent--never better--but imagine if something tragic happens, even away from a small tower, during the sequester.  Just think about who might get the blame.  There was a reason some Republicans tried to pass a measure stopping these closures and it's called being on the record

Meanwhile a poll of pilots finds that closing all these towers might not be the worst thing in the world. Perhaps the FAA, in their most private moments, feels the same?  Perhaps this is about not letting a crisis go to waste?  That would be 180 degrees of what Shaw suggests, but management doesn't always want the same thing the union does.   As he says, we shall see.


Here's a nice story regarding the 'barefoot bandit'.   America is the land of second chances. 


If the TSA starts allowing Swiss Army knives back on airplanes wonder if they will allow this one?

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