Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all.   Hope you can spend it with those closest to you.  

Lot's of buzz about Google showing Cesar Chavez on their Easter doodle--Chavez was a devout Catholic and it's doubtful he would have preferred such a thing in his heyday--but his buzz phrase 'Si, se, puede' was Obama's victory slogan and Google is a major Obama supporter, so they made their choice of saviors. 

Speaking of the Catholic church, I'm not of that faith but I'm very much liking their new Pope, Francis..

This kind of subservience and humbling is what Christianity is all about, and what most of us fall short of in our daily lives.  Pomp and ceremony might make followers feel warm and fuzzy in its tradition--and tradition is fine--but it does nothing to move the faith forward or make people understand it.  Martin Luther left the church of Rome for this very reason.  At the same time such things can be dangerous in this world, so hoping for the best.   But then again, we all have a destination.   

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Right Truth said...

I'm not Catholic (Southern Baptist), but the new Pope is showing a new side to what a leader should be. I'm not sure all those surrounding him were prepared for his style. Probably a good thing.

Hope you had a great Easter.

Right Truth