Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Back from the 90s

The 90s were an interesting time.  Great economy, peace in our time.  Except for AQ and the menace overseas..

Now MSNBC is running a 10 year anniversary Bush lied special.  So if Bush lied wasn't Bill Clinton lying back then?   Does Bush lying prove that Bubba was really wagging the dog after all to avert attention away from Monicagate?   He had most of the same intel, after all.  When will MSNBC ask Bill Clinton these important questions?  

Meanwhile the same impeached president once felt strong enough about gay marriage to sign the Defense of Marriage Act.  Now he has evolved.  The same guy said 'the era of big government is over'.  The era of big government is back--what does he think about it?    

And Hillary. Once opposed to gay matrimony, now all warm and fuzzy smiley pants suity over it.  Once an Iraq hawk and now... well, wait, she's never really come down off that position, despite it costing her the election, which is weird.   Either she truly believed or she's covering her husband's legacy.  Maybe she'll have to climb off that mountain before 2016.    

Speaking of Obama, he was smart on Iraq.  He didn't call Bush a liar, he just said it was a 'dumb war'.  Triangulation, a Clinton trait!  He knew there were too many of his fellow compatriots who called Saddam a menace or voted for the war that calling Bush a liar might leave them in the same box, which would be counter-productive.  It worked. 

In other words, any way the wind blows. But too few in the country care enough to remember. 

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