Thursday, March 28, 2013

Newtown: Give the Media Another Award

Is there any news story in modern history that has been as hacked up by the press as the Sandy Hook school shooting?  Not even the Trayon Martin case, although some elements of that one come close, oddly also involving a gun.

Within the past 24 hours the Connecticut State Police has released details about the case, which amazingly just happen to coincide with Obama's media speechifying on gun control (the timing is questionable, but it's hard to say which side was orchestrating things--probably Obama's, knowing the release was coming).

Many stories today characterized the guns found in the home as an 'arsenal'.  Our local paper calls it a 'huge weapons cache".  These nitwits just can't help themselves.  Joe Biden's gun collection would probably qualify.  Or Harry Reid's.  When someone says arsenal people tend to think of David Koresh's compound or the local National Guard depot.   

And no, the NRA isn't denying any evidence.  Lanza was not a member.  Having an NRA 'certificate' doesn't mean one is a dues-paying member. Even if he was, so what?  Unless they've recently put out guides on how to mass murder school children it's irrelevant and the worse kind of guilt by association.

It's almost as if America is in the process of being taken over by a band of ignorant, drooling commies.  

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