Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Investigation Update

Remember this?  Supposedly it's being investigated by the CIA as well.  The news media seems fairly uninterested.  Assuming they remember.  Oh well, it didn't affect the election.

So, how does a liberal politician make a sticky thing go away in our 24/7 media cycle?  Announce an 'investigation'--sometimes with a 'blue ribbon' panel--making sure to explain that investigations take time.  They are doing the same with possible chemical attacks in Syria (red line action in the balance) and the Benghazi affair (shhh).

In only a few weeks the people will forget as long as the media lets them forget. Now, if there's a Republican and a blond spy involved, forget it--saturation coverage for years and maybe a movie. But some courageous Arab person going out on a limb for the UK, ie, the US?   Not so much.

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