Sunday, March 03, 2013

The GOP has even killed Airshows

Craven sons-of-guns!  Those sequester-happy Republicans were not satisfied with starving children, taking away medicine from old people and causing forest fires, now they've taken out the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds. 

Hagel announced this morning that this lone aircraft represents the new Blue Angels..

That is, as long as they can afford the aviation gas.

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.  Never before have we seen an administration willing to do anything to destroy their opposition in Congress.  People don't seem to grasp it, but this a battle for the future of the country right now, right here.  Forces behind the president want to address the runaway entitlements and size of government by turning us into Europe with its high taxes and regulations.  The Tea Party is trying to draw the line somewhere.  The weak-kneed Repubs are being used as leverage by the Democrats against those Tea Partiers while the media is being counted on to spread the divisive message (which is why they got so mad at Woodward for refusing to toe the line). 

If the House goes blue in 2014 we will become Europe or some new configuration of lite socialism, which will destroy the United States as we know it.  That sounds dramatic or maybe hyperbolic, but the misdirections from the White House press room podium over the past week should lend credence to the seriousness of how bad they want this.   Then again, according to the freedom fighters trying to make that happen the current US is racist, greedy and is killing the planet, so we deserve it.    

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