Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Tale of Two Hacks

The now notorious hacker "Guccifer" is at work again, this time targeting former Clinton insider Sidney Blumenthal.  The Smoking Gun reported it last night..
Most of the e-mail recipients were sent four separate memos that were e-mailed to Clinton by Blumenthal during the past five months. Each memo dealt with assorted developments in Libya, including the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi. One memo marked “Confidential” was sent to Clinton on September 12.
So far there has been no leak of the details within the mainstream press, despite the subject matter being Benghazi.  In today's State Dept press briefing the Fox News reporter was the only one to ask about the leak and he was summarily flipped off by the spokeswoman. Jay Carney at the White House was equally dismissive. 

And perhaps that's appropriate.  But contrast this story to the one about Bush family emails being hacked by Guccifer, which was covered widely by the mainstream media. We found out the former president is a pretty good dog painter. 

Granted, the debate about ethics is certainly valid but recent practice has been to publish if the leaks get loose, aka, Wikileaks.  Now that the hacker has crossed party lines to attack another political family (one of whom might run for president in 2016) it will be interesting to see whether the press suddenly finds their inner ethics.

Maybe they'll publish something if any bombshells exist.  But odds are greater the public will hear more about the investigation into leaks of State Secrets about Yemen and Iran than anything negative about Hillary.  After all, the most awesome Secretary of State ever just came out in favor of gay marriage.

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