Monday, April 08, 2013

All Your Children Are Belong to Us

So says MSNBC host and college professor Melissa Harris-Perry. So if a kid fails seventh grade algebra he can blame the neighbors?

As Rush said on his show today this is a stock Marxist tenet. Hillary wrote a book about it but the difference today is the pushback--there isn't as much.

That's because we are all being slow-boiled in a pot of liberalism. Income redistribution, government-controlled health care and student loans, government-controlled automotive companies, amnesty for illegal aliens (or whatever the media is allowed to call it anymore), gun control, and a constant game of class warfare and 'fairness'.  It's almost as if Bill Ayers and buddies are winning.

Hey, ole washed up has been given another prestigious honor in Minnesota while his former terrorist pal Kathy Boudin has been given similar reverence at the president's alma mater. Just imagine a former Klansman being given a professorship at some southern university after serving 22 years for lynching a black person. Yes, it's impossible. 

So onwards we travel towards our collective Utopia as the 4th estate sits on their hands in the press room in a state of awe.


LA Sunset said...

For some reason, no one wanted my kids when they were teenagers.

A.C. McCloud said...

Heh, LA. All I know when my son threw a baseball through a parked car side window the community forgot to pinch in and help pay.