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The questions phase of the event has arrived.  Some will no doubt be resolved by explaining erroneous media reportage (which Infowars, et al, will never believe).  Others may be attributable to law enforcement saving face--they are human after all and make mistakes but they got these guys off the streets.  Some may never be answered, or take years to answer.  Hopefully a lot can be cleared up soon.  We would all do well to remember than hindsight is 20/20.

That said the biggest question will probably center around what the FBI knew and when they knew it.  Why, after previously investigating old brother at the behest of a foreign country, did they not immediately pull his old file after the bombing and stake out the apartment?   He was hiding in plain sight after all, while his brother continued to attend college.  And they claim they had video showing the two placing the backpacks. Were they being advised by profilers to look for right wing terrorists for several days or does something else explain things?  Why did the president thank Vladimir Putin after the event?   

Meanwhile, here's CNN talking about the older brother's actions leading up to the event:
Alyssa Lindley Kilzer said she often visited the apartment at 410 Norfolk St. in Cambridge, where the Tsarnaevs lived. Kilzer used to get facials from Zubeidat at a local spa but, after she was fired, Kilzer began going to her house.
She wrote about her experience on her Tumblr blog and said the staircase was crowded with shoes and the house was filled with the noise of arguments, cooking and other household chores. It was hardly spa-like but Kilzer thought Zubeidat gave great facials. But she became increasingly uncomfortable going to the apartment because of Zubeidat's growing religious fervor.
"She started quoting conspiracy theories, telling me that she thought 9-11 was purposefully created by the American government to make America hate Muslims," she wrote. Zubeidat told her: "It's real. My son knows all about it. You can read it on the Internet."
How ironic is that?   They are suggesting the sons were 9/11 truthers, then went out and bombed America in the name of Islam.    Did the CIA have any intel on these guys considering older brother's trip to Dagestan?   Where were the bombs created in the apartment?  Or were they created somewhere else?   

Another question is the Mercedes. CNN and others suggest older brother drove one, so why did they also carjack one Thursday night?  Why did they let the driver go free if indeed they were trying to kill and maim innocent people around Boston?    How did the older brother have the money to drive a Mercedes and purchase all the weapons and ammo?  Was there any public assistance involved?   Was younger brother's citizenship ceremony on 9/11/12 just a coincidence due to scheduling or were they trying to make a statement?   Wonder if he voted.  Continuing to develop..  

MORE  4/21/13

Where did they get their arsenal of weapons?  Where did they practice?  Ranges?   Out in the country?   Where did they get their bomb-making trainings?   Did they even make the bombs themselves or were they given the bombs?   Did White Hat gain citizenship honestly or did they do it to enhance his sleeper profile and make it chaotic in the justice system should he survive an attack?

People are also questioning the West, Texas ammonia explosion.  And why not, it was noted as 50/50 suspicious when first announced.  Then again, that was a source to the New York Post, who totally screwed up the Boston story. 

Clearly from the cell phone video a raging fire was already burning, which touched off the huge blast.  But that doesn't mean the fire was maliciously started.  Notice the winds in that video--quite similar to the day of the Waco fire back on April 19, 1993 (which consumed the public's attention and took it away from the first WTC attack two months earlier).  It would have only taken a careless cigarette butt to light up some dry grass, etc.  But until they determine the ignition source it has to be considered at least somewhat suspicious.  Saying it's not without any evidence is itself suspicious.

MORE  4/21/13

This is more or less my own clearinghouse to keep track of thoughts.   

On Thursday night, why was the MIT officer killed but not the carjack victim?   How in the blazes did the police have Black Hat on the ground cuffing him and not have White Hat detained somewhere off to the side?  How the heck did he manage to get into the car and drive off?   Did he drive over older brother on purpose or was he trying to scatter the police and messed up?   Or was he trying to activate the suicide vest on his bro?   How many cops were involved in that incident?   How did White Hat manage to get away on foot after stopping the vehicle, dripping blood after being shot?   Were they backing off in fear of more bombs and lost him?  

Did White Hat fire any shots from the boat?  From home video it appears the police fired about 50 rounds towards the boat.  How did they not hit him?   Or did the boat hull absorb their rounds?    Why did early reports say a woman in the house ventured out and saw bloody clothes in the out-building but that the boat had already been checked by police during the lockdown?  Embarrassment factor?

When did the plot get hatched?   Did the FBI still have a file on Black Hat or not?   What happened to the info passed along by the mosque?  Shall we call in Colleen Rowley?  Or would she just blame the entire thing on the military and security industrial complex? 

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Right Truth said...

Where did they get their weapons etc. is a very good question. Seems they were on welfare, government assistance, so tax payer dollars probably helped them out.

Work harder, A.C., terrorists need your money.

Right Truth