Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Investigation Update

We continue to wait for updates on what the two US Attorneys appointed by Eric Holder last May have discovered in their investigation into documents leaked to the press about the Iranian computer worm and the Yemeni agent who was working on the inside of AQAP.  There was a brief mention buried in the WaPo back in January, but nothing lately.  Maybe there will be an update tomorrow.  Then again as the WaPo admitted,
Since the probes were announced, there has been little publicity about the ongoing inquiries.
Which is partially explained by the fact the media itself is on the hot seat; Bush is no longer the president; and there were no blond spies involved in this caper.

Meanwhile, the Arkansas Attorney General is going to investigate the Exxon oil leak in Mayflower, AR, which has been used by the media as an example of why the Keystone Pipeline is evil because it was transporting Alberta heavy oil.   This is good, in case the pipeline was sabotaged by someone.  After all, who knows until they do an investigation?

MORE  4/4/13

Let's see, a train carrying shale oil derails in Minnesota on March 27; then two days later a pipeline carrying shale oil ruptures in Arkansas on the 29th; and today an explosion at a coal fired power plant in Georgia. Coincidences probably, although these accidents represent two modes of transporting shale oil and a coal plant, aka a 'death factory' probably fed by 'death trains'.   Keep in mind certain zealots in the radical environmental movement have been indicating it's time to move in a more radical direction.  State/Obama is still considering Keystone and there were protests outside Obama's fundraiser today in San Fransicko by environmentalists.  Just sayin. 

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