Thursday, April 18, 2013

Props and other Things..

Rand Paul might as well be on the FBI's terrorist watch list for this outrage.   Sadly, he's correct.  Sometimes the truth is very controversial.

Some pundits are starting to blame Obama for getting too far out ahead on the gun issue or gasp, even making a mistake.  They are not paying close enough attention.   Here's the seminal quote from the president yesterday:
“To change Washington, you, the American people will have to sustain some passion about this, and when necessary, you have to send the right people to Washington, and that requires strength and persistence and that’s one thing these families should have inspired in al of us,” he said during an emotional late afternoon speech from a podium in the Rose Garden.
He's no dope. He knew the Congress couldn't pass any new gun control measures. Many Democrats still remember what happened after the 1994 weapons ban and how things changed in 1995. So this was likely expected. 

And that's why Paul is right--the Newtown families were indeed being used as props for a lost cause to inject the maximum guilt and punish the enemies to set up a meme for 2014.  The bold above is Obama basically admitting it outright, and the link shows Axelrod doing the same.  Brazen.  But right now little else matters, because if they lose the mid-terms their Utopian dream might be over forever.  The 60s radicals are a dying breed. 

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