Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Bombing

More senseless slaughter.  Mortal words fail, only Biblical words can make any partial sense of these kinds of things.

Being that we are mortal the natural tendency at this point is to speculate on the perp(s).  The FBI has taken control, meaning they believe it might be a conspiracy.  The administration has called it 'an act of terror' not a 'terrorist attack', which is a distinction with a difference.  They did likewise on Benghazi.  We are still waiting for justice or any reasonable explanation of what happened.  So this too might take some time--unless the outcome is favorable to certain power brokers.  Excuse my cynicism, but it's earned.   

A few observations.  The bombs were planted around the international flags.  Maybe it means something, maybe not.   As many have noted the attack occurred on April 15 and Patriots' Day in Mass.  Patriots' Day for its symbolism over the start of the American Revolution; was Boston chosen for it's symbolic tie to the Boston Tea Party?   But would far right groups at war with the government want to start their war by killing kids and old folks just like AQ?  Doesn't sound very productive.

As to the lone figure photographed walking on the catwalk on the roof as the bombs went off could have been a janitor. 

Last year five Ohioans were arrested and convicted of plotting to blow up the highway 82 bridge near Cleveland.  They were self-proclaimed anarchists who had been associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement.  They actually got inert IEDs from an FBI undercover agent, which were to be detonated remotely. When asked why they wanted to destroy the bridge and likely kill innocent people one of them replied, "Taking out a bridge in the business district would cost the ... corporate big wigs a lot of money" because it would cause structural damage and prevent people from going to work".  Obviously children could have been killed, but the symbolism doesn't quite fit since their attack was planned on May Day, or international commie day, as opposed to tax day.  

Unbeknownst to most of the public, AQ members at GITMO have been staging a hunger strike since February.  The mainstream media has been Gosnelling it.  When asked about it last week Jay Carney deflected to a political answer about wanting to close the prison, yada yada.  State did the same thing today. There was a letter published yesterday in the New York Times purportedly from a prisoner there whining about the bad treatment, ie, force feeding.  But why Boston?  Why tax day? Again, doesn't seem productive.

As mentioned, yesterday was some kind of celebratory day in North Korea for the founding goofball, so the Norks are mentioned.  Kerry--from the Boston area--had been in northeast Asia telling people that North Korea needs to stand down, etc.  But could they really be so stupid as to send a message to the new Secretary of State on his home turf and risk a real provocative act of war? Seems unlikely.

There were numerous bombings across Iraq yesterday.  We don't normally equate them with anything here but the deliberate act of targeting children (the bomber or bombers had to know children were in the target zones) sounds a bit like the kind of payback some of those nutters would concoct, especially in light of this guy's comments about the deaths of civilians in Iraq and bin Laden's 1998 fatwa against America, which was in part due to the effect of sanctions on Iraqi children.

Keep in mind this Jordanian guy worked with Zarqawi and was involved in the Lawrence Foley (US envoy) murder along with his praise of bin Laden.  He has in the past vowed to help overturn Bashar Assad's Syrian rule using fellow Islamic radicals.   Certainly it's not something that would turn a jihadie's stomach.   Inspire magazine has been trying to inspire just such an attack for years.  Organized or lone wolf jihadist blame--plausible.

In other words, many possibilities but it looks most like a domestic something.   As to the conspiracies about training exercises and bomb sniffing dogs going on right before the event, it wouldn't be surprising to learn they were onto something but fell short.  It's not something the authorities like to admit.  But to say the attack was a 'false flag' by those very same authorities only hours after the attack with absolutely no hard data is the heights of lunacy.  Alex Jones and company need to STFU and take a break, excuse my French. 

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