Monday, April 01, 2013

Aviation Update

Could this story, entitled "Obama Hits Wealthy On The Runway With Air Traffic Control Tower Cuts", actually be an April Fool's joke from the Huffpo? Sometimes it's hard to tell (bold added)...
The only problem with the administration's approach, said one Democratic operative who works closely with the super rich, is that the wealthier people are, the less likely they are to notice exactly what's happening. "In theory, it works," he said of the effort to inflict a little inconvenience on the tarmac. "In actuality, the thing about being that rich is you don't have to give a f***. Here's what'll happen. The plane's late and they'll yell at their assistant, 'Why did it take two hours to take off?' And the assistant won't know and will make up some dumb excuse."
He allowed, at least, that corporate travelers would know what happened. "Corporate execs will notice. The only reason they take the jet is efficiency," he said.
Do these knuckleheads not understand that if there are three evil corporate jets scheduled into one of these smaller airports in an hour's time they are not necessary going to be late due to the lack of a tower?  They will execute the same protocols that all non-towered airports use--the pattern.   

But are these Democrat operatives really admitting that they chose to close these towers just to punish the rich? Really? And this president is hoping the economy comes back, with an attitude like that?

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