Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Still in Benghazi

One must admit, the administration is acting a little strange about these prospective Benghazi hearings, which could include people who were actually there.   Today Ed Henry of Fox asked the Prez about whether the lawyers or witnesses were being intimidated..(forward to 6:47 and past the complete gobbelty-goop answer on Syria).

.. O said he'd have to check and get back to him on that.

But before leaving he whipped around and answered a shouted question about the gay NBA player, displaying immediate recall and even admitting that he had personally spoken with him to congratulate him and to say that 'we have your back'.

Well, at least the president has some people's backs.


You know it's OK to question the timing of the FBI's sudden release of perp photos of the Benghazi bombers when even Erin Burnett notices.

And you know it's out of control when Jay Carney says Benghazi was a "long time ago" yet there is no sense of irony in the White House press room when another reporter points out the FBI has released BOLO photos of three people wanted for 'information', who actually appear to be characters out of Star Wars..

Anyone want to bet they were pushed into this release from above?  Maybe some people questioned why there was a perp picture with Boston but they forgot Benghazi?   Well, it was so long ago, after all.  Don't even bother asking about the perp shots of the extremists who killed three Americans in Algeria.   Where?  

The funnier thing is the idea these suspects will be turned in to the FBI.  By whom, Abu on Maple St in Benghazi?   "Yes, hello, FBI?  I'd like to repor.. BOOM".  Hello?  

Boston, Benghazi, Sequester, Obamacare, just imagine the fun our current media would be having if this clown show had an R behind it's name.


Fox reporter James Rosen showed up at the State Department daily press briefing loaded for bear--Benghazi bear.   The heightened tension in the press room was likely related to Ventrell calling both Fox News and Toensing, one of the lawyers representing the whistleblowers, "liars" in his previous press briefing on Thursday.

The funny part was the pseudo squabble with fellow reporter Matt Lee of AP, an excellent hard-nosed guy but one who apparently believes all this Benghazi stuff is just GOP politics at play.  One might think that after Ventrell's non-answer to Rosen about why Hillary wasn't included in the ARB investigation and especially the Rice talking points--the reddest meat on the plate--he might have perked up and sensed a story. Maybe he's just playing it cool, waiting to see what the hearings bring.  Or maybe that's more hope than logic because he's such a good reporter otherwise.  It's sad to think they are all in the tank. 

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