Saturday, March 11, 2006

Photoshop's legacy

Here we have Fore Left's first annual Saturday night Deer Blogging feature. This is "Powder", a white whitetail deer.

Or is it? Click on the pic.

Photoshop and similar programs are great, but they've reduced the reality of photography. Even when pictures are completely legitimate there's no way to immediately tell anymore, which leads to questioning everything. In the good ole days of Nikons, Plus X and Kodachrome 25 this wasn't an issue. So just wondering, can we really say a picture is worth a thousand words anymore?


Uncle Pavian said...

Ever since everybody was all riled up about Y2K, the rule I've lived by is, "Some of what you see on the Internet may actually be true."

A.C. said...

Good point, Unc. The internets prove PT Barnum was right every single day. But, one day the government will get involved "to protect us" and, well you know the ending.