Monday, August 06, 2007

The book on Cheney -- 2

More from "Cheney" by Stephen Hayes...
  • When working for Nixon he became a true conservative after watching how the 'wage and price controls' worked, or didn't.
  • He drove his 1965 Volkswagon to work at the White House, even into the mid 70s.
  • He liked to keep a low-pro, even as a Congressman
So far this book is a fascinating look into the world of big game politics and I'd suggest it to all political junkies. Hayes does a good job of painting a picture of the man who's not a very sympathetic figure from the start but improves with age.

The description of his first heart attack at age 37 was chilling not only due to its early onset but also in the lack of symptoms--he awoke to tingling in his left fingers as if he'd "hit his funny bone". No pain, no significant chills until he reached the hospital and passed out on the exam table. He stopped smoking cold turkey. As we later saw, it didn't completely work.

More later.

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