Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nothing but the Truth comes to Memphis

Boy howdy. The new Rod Lurie film based on the CIA leak case is going to be filmed here in Left Tennessee:
Inspired in part by the "CIA leak case" involving outed agent Valerie Plame and New York Times reporter Judith Miller, "Nothing But the Truth" features the acclaimed Farmiga ("The Departed") as a CIA agent and Beckinsale ("Underworld") as a reporter who is jailed for refusing to give up her source.
Beckinsale as Miller? Uh, Ok. Not surprisingly, some Kate fans are not happy with the cast. I'd venture some probably don't even know who Miller is. Or Wilson. Or even Cheney.

The more exciting news is that Lurie plans to hire many of the extras and bit players from the local area, which theoretically means even AC McCloud could grab sudden Hollywood fame. Keep your eyes open for any disturbances on the set.

The film is set to begin shooting (maybe not the best choice of words for a Memphis movie) in October and last about seven weeks. You might wonder what Judy thinks about all of this? Nothing, officially, but perhaps she'll let us know soon.

UPDATE 10/3/07

Here's the info...if you want to become famous.

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