Monday, August 20, 2007

The saga of Elvira Arellano

ICE finally got around to arresting
Elvira Arellano, the illegal alien fugitive given 'asylum' in a Chicago church for the past year. Since it's likely this will ignite the immigration debate again I feel compelled to weigh in again.

The only victims here are Ms. Arellano's son and the immigrants trying to legally enter the country without breaking the law. Let's also add common American citizens who've done nothing to contribute to our current broken immigration system, unless you count electing do-nothing self-serving politicians. Hey, they were supposed to uphold the laws. Searching the long term memory I don't recall anyone ever running on a platform of "amnesty for illegals now" since I've been of voting age.

As to the actual sting, I'd have to agree with Allah and others that Homeland Security did this to prove just how disruptive enforcing the law can be. Guessing here, but it's doubtful many Democrats will lump this arrest in with their daily ramblings about Chimpster's coming police state, at least not the high profile party op types or the Air America goons. It's kind of odd, since many are nearing a collective artery-blow over Alberto Gonzales, a person with an immigrant background, who they say was deceptive with Congress. Presumably coming to the country illegally and using phony SS numbers is somehow OK.

Speaking of the president, he'll be heading up north this week to attend the SPP meeting in Canada. Timing is everything.

So, why was she arrested in California, not Chicago? Probably because Bush didn't want an Elian Gonzales type raid into a church, meaning they had to wait her out. California worked for both ICE and Elvira (and her big league supporters) since no other state could generate the same outrage and emotion.

But the outrage should be shared. Law-abiding citizens and immigrants should be outraged that churches are acting with complicity in harboring fugitives. Is it because they're afraid to offend the huge influx of law-breakers who might be dropping jingle in the plates? This isn't a civil rights issue and it isn't a human rights issue.

Personally speaking I've long been in favor of some kind of guest worker solution because we need the workers, but at the same time we don't need people here with voting rights if their hearts are still red, white and green. If they only want to come here to work, let them work, but remove the chaos. Any legislation to that end must have more than a snowball's chance of working and be coupled with enforcement, such as cross-checking Social Security numbers and more robust border surveillance. And it must be long-running, not done for show to get the bill passed. Americans need to develop long memories in this area.

OK, the rant is almost over! Finally, although Ms. Arellano's return to Mexico might simply be a political stunt to pave the the way for re-introducing amnesty-lite it needs to serve as an example to other would-be border hoppers that the country they are about to sneak into has a rule of law, dammit, one the citizens therein are demanding be enforced regardless of how many May marches might occur.

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