Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mr. Hsu, where are you?

As mentioned previously, the Winkle Paw caper is in the news, although currently being overshadowed by a scandal about a non-gay GOP Senator who likes to play gay footsies in airport men's rooms. Sex sells.

We await the surrender of Mr. Norman Hsu, currently a fugitive from California justice (whose efforts to find him seemingly rank up in there with O.J. Simpson's quest to find the real killers). Nothing yet, but if he waits long enough another Republican might screw up and grab all the headlines, saving his day. Maybe he can write a book about how one commits a crime, gets indicted, gets convicted, agrees to serve time, then floats off to become a "Hillraiser" for a presidential candidate.

While we wait it's mildly entertaining to watch the various Democrats who received donations nearly pull a collective groin muscle getting those checks back in the mailbox. Nobody is talking about giving the Paw family's donations back yet. Wonder if those fine people might soon come out and proudly explain their passion? They don't have to if they don't want to, but it would be nice.

All things considered, there's no evidence to suggest Mr. Hsu was laundering campaign contributions. There may indeed be no there there. But we must be vigilant--there's a culture of corruption you know. We saw it with Duke Cunningham, Tom Delay and lobbyist Jack Abramoff. And that guy down in Louisiana, what was his name? Meanwhile, the New York Times has printed what looks like a Hillary press release thinly disguised as a story. So move along now folks and remember, Bush screwed up New Orleans and Iraq, and Karl Rove is evil.

MORE 8/30/07

Here's a very well-written overview from the Former Spook about why we should care about this matter. And Power Line makes the inevitable Steely Dan connection. Pretzel Logic does come to mind.

UPDATE 8/31/07

Well, there he is. At least he turned himself in--but notice it was on the Friday leading into the Labor Day weekend. Wonder if there was any cheering in America's newsrooms at the news?

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