Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Footbaths for all!

Well, this'll no doubt be a hot blogger topic:
Plans to construct two foot-washing stations continue at the University of Michigan at Dearborn amid concerns that such action would constitute an establishment of religion by the public university.
Pandermania! Too bad this story wasn't covered in the Washington Post, itself coming under fire for refusing to allow a conversation between cartoon characters Steve Dallas and Lola Granola but since it's the Times it'll likely be dismissed as Mooney propaganda or just outright bigotry against the only religious group deserving of protection:
The foot baths, while benefiting Muslim students, are open for use by all students and will be located in two new unisex bathrooms that will be renovated on campus.
Wait, devout Muslims entering unisex bathrooms to wash their feet before praying to Mecca? Add this one to the story of "Winkle Paw" and Democrat fundraiser Norman Hsu's claim that he "did not remember" agreeing to serve a California prison sentence and you get a great big question mark in neon lights on the side of the Sears Tower during the 4th of July.

But wait, the BS can, and will, get deeper:
The university, in a statement posted on its Web site, said the foot baths reflect a "strong commitment to a pluralistic society" and "a reflection of our values of respect, tolerance and safe accommodation of student needs."
Or hate speech, depending on the flavor.

Complaints about students washing their feet in the bathroom sinks sounds almost as bad as a US Senator standing around a stinky men's toilet waiting to have sex with a stranger between the stalls. Oh wait, speaking of accommodations... Er.

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