Thursday, August 30, 2007

Frozen terror?

Debbie over at Right Truth has an interesting anecdotal letter speculating on a possible resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada:
In January 2007, a reader of Right Truth contacted me. Daphne (not her real name) said: "I think Adnan is living in my building in Guelph, Ontario...Theres a guy who looks exactly like one of the pics on the FBI website of him and nine of his friends are taking flying lessons! I'm not sure who I should contact any feedback appreciated".
In case you were wondering, 'Adnan' is this guy. Her story links to another story about explosive devices being delivered to three separate Canadian residents, one of them in Guelph. But that's not the only weird news from Canada. Here's an article that just screams "more info, please":
WINNIPEG–Two men made repeated attempts to get into the cockpit during a WestJet flight from Calgary to Winnipeg earlier this month, though police say they won't lay charges.

"They took their seats and during the course of the flight, the two people involved did approach the flight attendant at the front of the aircraft, asking to go on the flight deck again.
While it's absurd to expect any modern publication to divulge their heritage we must assume newspapers still employ reporters capable of digging into why anyone would demand in-flight cockpit access in this day and age. Were the men just stupid? Undercover security experts trying to test the system? Gung-ho aviation enthusiasts? Fellow pilots? Maybe Bob and Doug McKenzie? Mum's the word:
The airline never determined why the men were so desperate to access the cockpit. "I don't think it had anything to do with hijacking, I think they just wanted to see the cockpit but there hasn't been any determination as to what their motives were,"
Who said anything about a hijacking? By the way, searching around for more info generally produces this same Canada Press article rehashed on a variety of different sites.

Are all of the above stories coincidences? Hype? Paranoia? Many on the left would certainly say so. But, as Debbie alluded to in her post we've been getting more and more hints from public officials of late about the inevitability of coming attacks, including a cryptic reminder from Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell that people would die because of leaked security programs that have become so popular these days.

Think about it. Everybody seems focused on political sex scandals, sports, idiot drunken celebrities and their jailhouse rehabs and the up and down stock market. Occasionally people will gripe about the Mexican border and the potential for AQ operatives to cross into America bearing jihadist gifts. Nobody really thinks about Canada. It would make perfect sense for terrorists to reconnoiter there before another attack--an immigrant-friendly territory with a long, porous border. After all, they've done it before.

MORE 9/1/07

In looking around for more information I found the Canadian Sentinel, who was asking the same questions I was, several days before I was, and essentially getting the same answers. BTW, no offense with the Bob and Doug stuff, CS.

Right Truth is asking, too. Surely someone on that plane was questioned or interviewed. Or has a blog. Or knows a blogger.

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Debbie said...

I'm surprised there were no comments on this. Of course, I have someone on the 'inside' who know about this investigation with Adnan.

If we believe him, he says the JFK terror plot where the suspects were from Guyana (Adnan is Guyanese) ... was all a set up by the FBI. They were trying to set Adnan up, get him to surface.

If this is true, lots of money and embarrassment ... because he didn't show, and apparently the suspects did NOT bite. They are innocent. But never the less, they are back in the us and getting ready for trial. a 'show' trial? Wondering how the FBI will handle their testimony?

I thought you would like this.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth