Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Code words of immigration hate

Check out this Anti-Defamation League video identifying "code words of hate":

Just about every conservative talking head on TV is skewered in the feature as the calm host systematically accuses them of using words like "invasion", "swarms" and "hordes" to "dehumanize" the illegal aliens coming across the border without permission. At the end she worries about people taking the law into their own hands, never once mentioning the crimes committed by these "immigrants". Talking about code words.

John McCain (viva) might end up being the presumptive GOP nominee later today. Mickey Kaus recently mentioned border security vis a vis McCain, which included another code word, nativist, which based on modern usage means anyone who wants to see the laws enforced. Perhaps some of these folks need to understand another form of code-- it's called US CODE. And it still applies for at least one more year.

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