Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Proud Michelle

Her "never more proud" comment has already echoed around the blogosphere and bounced off Cindy McCain (acting as a catalyst of hope to keep the comment in the news), then bounced off some of the MSM "blogs".

The question is, does coverage in MSM political blogs really count as coverage? Can these big boys like ABC News, CNN, WaPo, NYT and others use their "blog" sections to say, "hey, we covered the flap" when in reality many more people read the front pages and main sections and might not see the blog sections?

It's hard to independently verify whether the big papers covered her proud moment as they would had another candidate's spouse made a similar blunder. And make no mistake--it WAS a blunder. There are many different ways to phrase such a sentiment without using her choice of words. Just wondering, because the big boys haven't been shy in covering Bill Clinton or even Elizabeth Edwards up top.

By the way, although Barack has answered for her (ironically his reply made the main WaPo since it was in reference to Cindy McCain), has Mrs. O herself been asked to explain the comment? It certainly deserves one, because there are many ways to interpret the meaning.

For instance, was she not proud of all the liberal voters who supported longshots like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton in years past? What about the voters who diverged from the main track and supported John Anderson, Ross Perot or Ralph Nader? What about the Ron Paulbots and their blimp? Or did her comment only cover hubby's support? If the MSM allows Mrs. Obama to escape with no accountability over her statements then it certainly looks like a bias factor in play.

MORE 2/20/08

According to Gateway Pundit, she has used the phrase more than once. This should up the pressure for her to submit to an interview to explain it.

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