Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama, Iraq and the promised land

Supporters are starting to trot out this video, which makes Barack Obama look very much like the "Messiah" colloquialism some have used about him:

One must admit, a brilliant speech based on today's conventional wisdom about Hussein and Iraq. When juxtaposed to this one, which includes Hillary, it very well might slam the door on the nomination. And Hillary has already been pnked by Wolf Blitzer for her duplicity on her Iraq vote.

With that in mind, will ClintonInc now be forced to take a more George Bush-like position as to the importance of Iraq to counter Barack? It seems clear the Clintons have nothing in the bag to spring on Obama at this point, but how would some kind of bombshell about Iraq change things? All very interesting, since anything coming out favorable towards the Iraq invasion would certainly help McCain.

What about the Veep slot for Hillary? It would effectively remove the specter of Bill back in the White House while still giving them access to power. And the Iraq vote thing would be rendered moot.

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