Thursday, February 14, 2008

Obama compared to Hitler

The inevitable has occurred. Just as predicted!

Fox Radio should know better. It's not like they're Air America or NPR.

In reality Obama compares more to MLK or a revivalist preacher than to a wrapped-tight Nazi spitting out guttural German. There may be a valid discussion about blind loyalty in general, to wit, even members of the MSM have questioned some of his teary-eyed supporters (admittedly some might just be upset they weren't reacting that way for Hillary) or his relevance.

Obama should be able to handle this stuff equally as well as Bush. If not, his timber is cut too thin for the job. Perhaps he can even turn this tripe into a clarion call to better define "hope" and "change" for those less prone to hero worship.

But as to indignation from outlets like Media Matters, the irony is richer than George Soros himself. The left has made a cottage industry out of such idiotic comparisons, and we've heard similar subtle renderings from public officials, Hollywood actors and noted singers. So, please.

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