Sunday, February 03, 2008

Veep musings

McCain is poised to win the nomination but still hasn't produced any warm fuzzies anywhere outside his base, which generally consists of RINOs and the MSM. Deep inside and out he knows there's no fire in the real conservative base, so with Super Tuesday looming he's gulping pride and reaching out via robocall:

McCain Robocall audio

It's a level of inspiration we haven't seen since, well, Fred. It's almost as if his mother forced him to do it..."now sonny, better get on that phone and reach out to those nuts".

We all know Coulter is wrong--McCain would be better than either Hillary or Barack, on the health care and national security issues alone, but if this robo call represents all the fire he can muster for his friends he's going to have serious turnout problems, especially if Obama is the opponent.

Perhaps the problem might be solved by choosing a sparkling running mate to jazz up the ticket and excite that base. Some have speculated about Fred and we know they're friends. Of course, Mac also counts Kerry, Lieberman, Kennedy, Graham and Juan Hernanadez as friends. A geriatric white dude ticket with very little hair doesn't scream change.

How about Rudy? The dude almost pulled a groin rushing to endorse the straight talk express, showing some true colors (or at least a bid for something). At least Fred had the sense to wait around to see what might happen (scratch that if he endorses Monday). Rudy might help with the northeast but there's that hair thing again. Too old. Besides, Rudy might be angling for Attorney General or some other cabinet post.

Huckabee? He stands at least as much chance as Tom Tancredo. Besides, Mac's a Baptist nowadays, right?

There's always Mitt. His financial acumen might help the ticket. Romney's also a relatively young man and isn't the kind of dynamo that would steal McCain's thunder. Could happen. Maybe that's why Mitt isn't firing salvos.

Question is, can McCain and anyone change the political winds blowing hard to port? Without an unexpected storm or two, maybe not. At least it won't be his fault since he's down with climate change now. But in the end, Bush again (through his approval ratings) may stand in his way.

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