Friday, February 29, 2008

Compare and contrast

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The anti-Obama hailstorm coming from both the right and Clinton left is getting a few body hits on the Senator in quick fashion. While it's a long way til November it's not quite as long until the convention. If Hillary can stay viable through the remaining primaries while stories continue to trickle out about Obama they'll be poised to enter the convention with Barack past his peak and Clinton nearing her second.

Such a scenario might tend to make Hillary look like the bright, clean and articulate candidate, an old reliable and trusted stalwart to match the crusty McCain. Maybe they'll even fashion a new slogan, something like "not hope--help".

Depending on how many negative stories they can find on Barack going forward it could easily be one of the great momentum shifters ever witnessed at the convention, especially if she agrees to put him on the dream ticket (and he accepts for the good of the party). This is something the Repubs couldn't match in their wildest dreams, unless one considers a last minute Huckabee delegate coup a wild dream. Not only that, but all the heavy ordnance recently leveled at the presumed (but incorrect) nominee would be for naught with Hillary shrewdly slipping past 3 months without the slightest whiff of a negative story. The right would have to reload at a late date.

The MSM might be disappointed but certainly wouldn't be able to resist the 'comeback of the century' story while simultaneously turning on McCain. And despite her flip-flops, Hillary would be able to reclaim the Iraq issue (either way) especially if the surge was still working. Her social policies aren't much different than Obama's anyway, so the party faithful would not lose much. Additionally, as VP Obama would be in position to run for president in either 2012 or 2016, when he's a spry 50 or 54 years old. So as Yogi says, it ain't over til it's over or Bill's left the cafeteria. Long shot, yes. Just idle thought on a Friday afternoon....

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