Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Service Update

Haloscan is soon to be toast. A few days ago I inadvertently flagged a legitimate user as "spam" by mistake (hit the wrong line) and it promptly deleted all their past comments. Contacting the company to resolve the issue has so far proved fruitless and their online help is no help. Besides, it's slowing things down.

Long story short, I'll attempt to transition back over to blogger comments within the next day or sooner, which seems to require picking a new template after first trying to remove their spider-like code first. In the interim comments will probably not be available for awhile and the blog might look funky. Please pardon the mess. Will attempt to transpose the old comments as time permits, but there'll probably be some losses.

MORE 2/22/08

Thanks to the idiotic way Haloscan embeds and changes blogger code, along with some apparent stupidity on my part, most of the sidebar got blown away this morning when attempting to revert to blogger comments. I've less hair than a few hours ago.

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