Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rep Cohen targeted, but by whom?

On the surface, by the reverend George Brooks of Murfreesboro, that's whom. He issued a flier that's apparently circulating through parts of the city, saying some real un-Christian-like things about our Jewish Congressman. The anti-defamation league is not happy.

So who is this Brooks? Well, in reading the Commercial Appeal story all they say is that he's a Murfreesboro preacher.

Pause for context. It's obvious this story is about race. It's obvious that Steve Cohen is a white man representing a majority black district. It's obvious that his main challenger for the seat, Nikki Tinker, is an African American woman. So why in the dickens did they fail to tell us reverend Brooks' race? We are left to guess based on this one quote regards the flier:
He said he sent the flier because the 9th Congressional District is "about 90-something percent black."
Which doesn't really tip the scale either way. Apparently the CA would prefer their readers to dig this stuff on their own:
yesterday i came to the pipe shop and noticed a letter that had been sent to the pipe shop. it was addressed to Three Pen Tobacco Shop. The return address was from Rev. George Brooks. He is an African-American Preacher here in Murfreesboro. it was quite intriguing to read what it said…i thought i’d let you see for your self.
Apparently the reverend has some black-centric views, which some may call extreme. He's got that right in America. Fred Phelps is also an extremist.

But he's making accusations against a Congressman up for reelection in August. It would have been nice to get more information, for instance, does he pastor a church? Does he have any connections with an organized religion and if so, what do they approve of his fliers? I'm no fan of Cohen, but prudence would suggest the local paper might want to track down some of these things while the flier remains in circulation.

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