Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apologies indeed

There's nothing necessarily wrong with the government issuing an apology. Even for slavery? Well, we fought a war over it then corrected the wrongs to the point a black man is the odds-on favorite to win the presidency. But if they really want to sincerely apologize for past wrongs, including Jim Crow, go for it. Just keep the word sincere in mind.

The man who floated this resolution was Rep Steve Cohen, a liberal Democrat from Memphis who apparently hates Jesus and is running for re-election in less than 10 days in a predominately black district against a fairly popular black woman. Surely just a coincidence. Perhaps a vote for Steve is a vote for reparations, hint, hint?

Who knows, maybe this can start a trend. How about weekly Congressional apologies for wasting the voters' time and money? Perhaps Speaker Pelosi could find time from the daunting task of single-handedly saving the planet during her four day workweek to get this program going.

But just wondering, how would a slavery apology affect Obama? Would he even qualify? For instance, are people with one typical white American parent and a black African parent formally included, even if their ancestors were perhaps part of the problem? Confusing.

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