Monday, July 28, 2008

Midhat Mursi killed...again

News outlets are saying the US Predator strike in Pakistan has killed AQ chem/bio expert Midhat Mursi. Good. Problem is, he's already dead, or so we were told.

Zombie or not, Midhat is/was yet another Egyptian involved with al Qaeda, going all the way back to the 1993 attack in New York. More later.

MORE 7/29/08

It's confirmed according to the Pakistanis but not us. If true this certainly cancels his scheduled torture session and subsequent habeas corpus petition.

For those who don't like to click, one of the above links contained the following tidbit:
Whether due to the frustrations of a stagnate nuclear weapons program or the aspiration to pursue other WMD for their unique capabilities, al-Qaeda, under the direction of Abu Hafs al-Masri and Midhat Mursi, aka Abu Khabab, established a biological weapons program around 1999 [6]. The program experimented and developed several biological agents including botulinum toxin, but al-Qaeda still seemed fixated on agents with mass casualty potential. Operating in laboratories scattered among al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan, the biological program began experiments in isolating a virulent strain of “Agent X,” most likely anthrax bacteria.
Mursi, aka Abu Khabab, was apparently one of Zawahiri's point men on the X issue, so if true this was a big score. Kudos are in store for the RC controllers at CIA and DoD for getting this creep off the streets and preventing him from someday killing innocent women and children, even if he wasn't able to constitute much of a chem/bio program for AQ. Hopefully the US will absolutely confirm soon.

By the way, a few bloggers fell for the mix up between photos of Mursi and Abu Hamza again. The same thing happened the last time he was killed.

The problem? Googling images of Midhat Mursi produces mainly versions of Hamza. As I found out with McCain's plane recently, paste and post doesn't always work.

The real photo is at left.

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