Saturday, July 26, 2008

Governor Girly Man

What the hell happened to Arnold?
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made it official: California will be the first trans-fat free state in the nation.
Message to the governator--if people are dumb enough to eat Krispy Kremes for breakfast and McDonalds for lunch every day it's their damn fault. The state has no business getting into our kitchens unless those kitchens are serving too many paint chips or roach legs. Men have fought and died for our freedom to stuff donuts, beer, and polish sausages down our pancake holes while smoking a cigarette. Arnold seems to think freedom of choice resides in his mansion.

Well, unless it's related to sexual freedom. After all, he signed SB777, which effectively removed the concept of mom and dad in California schools. He also signed a smoking ban that makes criminals out of people who light up in a car including someone under the age of 18. And don't even mention his stance on global warming (CO2 a pollutant, trans-fat a toxin, just nuts). He's been trending towards the mommy party for awhile now.

Actually, this is a fine example of why government-run health care is a disaster in the making. Think about it as it relates to food choices and premiums and risk. In the short-term these fast food joints and restaurants will simply switch to an oil not yet demonized--they've no choice if their product is to retain any taste:
"This is problematic," said Jot Condie, president of the CRA. "We fear that this is a potentially slippery slope where the list could go on and on & and basically restaurants would be criminalized for having an ingredient in one of their recipes."

The CRA recently sued the City and County of San Francisco and the city's public health department over a law requiring menus to list nutritional information.

"Consumers are smart and restaurants are very smart and know what consumers want," said Condie, who deems the law entirely unnecessary
Yes, presuming the public is intelligent and can make their own choices--it's called the Republican way, a way in which Mr. Governator is apparently unfamiliar. And they accuse Bush of taking away our liberties.

There's another angle here. The story mentions record profits for the companies making the alternative oils, who stand to gain a lot from these bans if they spread to other states. Perhaps someone needs to start following the money. Surely Henry Waxman (D- California) has that one on his day planner.

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