Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blinded with science

The story this morning on Drudge about the Dallas city councilman being called racist for using the term "black hole" to describe an inept bureaucratic office begs the question, what will they rename the term, now that it's offensive? Here are some suggestions:
  • Light-challenged hole
  • Blank hole
  • Invisible hole
  • Space hole
  • Dark hole
African American hole is of course absurd--unless it can be proven these celestial oddities actually originate from Africa, which itself would be offensive. Dark hole is bordering on offensive if taken the offensive way, as everything is taken these days. I'm going with "space hole".

Come to think of it, they better fix "dark matter", too. And what about "light year"? It could be taken as offensive with some imagination. Might as well include the term "light" itself. And good Lord, what about "Red Giant", "White dwarf" and "Yellow dwarf"? And Uranus? The humanity!

MORE 7/10/08

Apparently the racial insensitivity has spread to pastries. And here we thought confection was safe!

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