Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bush heckler

Same ole same old, except the protesters appear clueless that they disrupted a swearing-in ceremony, not a Bush event. According to the LA Times report Bush responded to the crowd by saying, "we believe in free speech in the United States of America."

The Times then felt compelled to explain more about one of the protesters:
"one of the protesters, David Swanson, has gone online to explain his behavior, saying"
And of course, they felt compelled to hyperlink his URL, to which I felt compelled to click.

Shockingly, David Swansen is a Democrat activist, affiliated with sites like AfterDowningStreet, impeachCheney, MeetwithCindy, etc. The Times description makes it sound rather innocuous, like perhaps the protester popped up a Blogspot site to explain his antics while in reality they knew he was the purveyor of those sites and the Washington director of They knew because they linked the site.

Can we imagine the Times quietly linking to any similar right wing site without prior warning to the reader? No we can't!

Brave souls venturing deeper into his array of sites will come across his personal blog, whereupon he triumphantly explains his heroic stunt and promises video, etc. But for those wanting to exercise their own free speech rights and heckle Mr. Swansen online for his boorish behavior they must first register. Yeah, freedom baby.

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