Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bush impeachment hearings

It was a raucous day, filled with many protesters and much Congressional grandstanding. While not officially an impeachment hearing, the word impeachment was mentioned over and over. Perhaps the only shining moment for Republicans came in this exchange:

"Slightly demented" and "overwrought". Sorta defines the entire debate.

Indeed, Rep. King's office later released Joe Wilson's debriefing to the CIA after his trip to Niger, which suggested that an Iraqi delegation HAD tried to inquire as to a commercial deal with that country. This has been a fact in evidence for some time but has never been heralded by anyone in the mainstream media for some strange reason.

Perhaps that's because many in the mainstream media undoubtedly took sides in this debate long ago. Nicolas Kristof, the Times reporter that Joe and Val Wilson met with to start the whole "Bush lied, people died" campaign, has showed rather clearly which camp he resides in via his "Truth Commission" and lately his thoughts on Israel. No media bias there, of course.

YES, BUT 7/26/08

Mr. "Bush is guilty of murder" Bugliosi posed an interesting question. Bush is immune from prosecution outside of Congress right now, but what about after Jan 20th?
Will the Dem partisans sick the FBI or World Court on Bushco for the alleged war crimes? And if they do, what would a president Barack do?

Chances are he'd pardon before it got to a trial. Think of the PR coup, especially if the election's close. The headlines might read, "Barack the Benevolent" pardons Republican scoundrels, decries partisan divide..." etc. Chances are he'd only suffer mild damage from the far left while securing moderate brownie points for reelection. If he allowed it to go to trial there's a risk Bush would be proven not guilty, which would blow back in his face like a big pie.

And McCain? Would he be compelled to pardon with no political gain (only loss)? After all, everyone remembered Ford for pardoning and tripping, not much else. Seems he'd obviously have to grant a pardon since he voted for and advocated many of the same things Bush did.

The worse case scenario for Obama might be to let Bush languish in court only to have evidence come out justifying his actions, then have the US suffer another attack. The money's on pardon.

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