Friday, July 11, 2008

Here come da bus

Two stories this morning, one a rather devastating piece from the New York Post and a kinder, gentler version from their crosstown rival the Times, point to the big upside from Jesse Jackson's Obamaballs moment. The Post speculates he was aware the mic was hot. That seems correct.

It's simply hard to believe Jackson would make such a mistake in of all places, Fox News HQ. Since the news broke Wednesday the initial instinct was to think it was a tactical play to save Obama from having to explain his flip-around on FISA, but the comment was made on Sunday, making it more of a strategic move, if any.

The only rational explanation seems to be that Jackson threw himself under the bus.

But why? Discounting his fiasco with the Duke rape case and his involvement with the Jena Six, Jackson hasn't been on the radar much of late. It's a stretch to say he was perceived by whites as being attached enough to Obama (like a barnacle?) to warrant a castration (sorry). By throwing himself under the bus he also threw himself back into the spotlight.

Both the Times and Post mention how this might help Obama's image with the bitter, white gun-toting hillbilly autoworker Dems, which would make more sense if Obama were seen as tight with the Rev Jesse. He wasn't. The whole thing seems a tad unnecessary as a strategic move, other than for the benefit of Jesse.

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