Monday, May 17, 2010

Asylum is a Good Word for it

Over the weekend the big story was about the Mexican citizen living illegally in Georgia who was stopped by the police for a traffic issue and found to be driving with no license and no United States issued ID. After being sprung from an ICE facility and not deported, her immigration lawyers and advocates (most likely operating gratis) tried to subject her case into the national media to make a point about the Arizona law, and CNN cheerfully obliged:
"If I were to be deported, I'd have to start all over again," she said. "I'm hoping for the best."
Too bad CNN couldn't find as many reporters to cover the story about Holder having not read the bill yet. They must have been hustling to the immigration trial of Obama's aunt Z, who as of today is no longer an illegal alien:
President Obama's aunt from Kenya can stay in the United States, a U.S. immigration judge has ruled, ending a six-year-plus legal battle over her status.
"Six year battle"--clever wording for someone simply ignoring a judge's order to leave. Helps to have those gratis lawyers, too, who can set up the proceedings...

In February, Onyango arrived at an immigration court in a wheelchair and testified before the judge for more than two hours, her representative, Amy Cohn, told CNN at the time.

Two doctors, including her personal physician, also testified on her behalf. Onyango's medical condition was part of her legal defense against expulsion.

Isn't it fortunate Obama passed health care reform just in time so his relative now has great free care, almost as free as she enjoyed when she wasn't a citizen. Just something else to remind the Chinese.

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