Sunday, May 02, 2010

Whatever it Takes..

Obama was in Michigan Saturday giving a commencement speech where he warned about violence stemming from protests:
President Obama took aim Saturday at the angry rhetoric of those who denigrate government as "inherently bad" and said their off-base line of attack ignores the fact that in a democracy, "government is us."

Obama used his commencement speech at the University of Michigan to respond to foes who portray government as oppressive and tyrannical -- and to warn that overheated language can signal extremists that "perhaps violence is ... justifiable."
He went on to mock some tea partiers (after repeating Clinton's demagoguery); meanwhile in New York two men were arrested for providing support to AQ then later Times Square was cleared due to a bomb plot. It appears the president is railing on the only group of people who haven't engaged in violence. But we must avoid jumping to conclusions.

BIG SIS 05/02/10

...says the word 'terrorism'. Meanwhile, other federal officials say it's too early to call:
A second federal official also said there are no clear indicators that this is international terrorism.
So we have Napolitano saying they are not ruling anything out while another official downplays any foreign connections. And none of them used the term man-caused disaster. They must think it's a local source.


Our lecturer-in-chief's call for right wingers to read the HuffPo in the commencement speech was yet another bizarre thing coming out of a president who loves to name names. Has he ever seen the comments there? And is Kos now crushed because he didn't get any presidential man-love? But the funnier thing was him pegging New York Times readers as partisan and encouraging them to read the Wall St. Journal. Imagine Bush scolding Times readers and telling them to read the Post every now and then.

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