Monday, May 17, 2010

Torn on Rima Fakih

On the surface this is one of those red meat stories that conservatives usually tear up. Typical reactions include, "I can't believe it--an Arab Muslim Miss USA, what next, a Kenyan president?". Or "it's fixed--they are clearly coddling to the terrorists". Or maybe "another Trump PR stunt".

And that was just from me. Then some deeper thought followed...
Well, if her victory is a sign the terrorists have won then let the surrender begin. It's not like she's wearing a suicide belt (won't go into the underwear thing but we'll have to assume Trump checked for security reasons).

Matter of fact, by doing her own thing, including the display of bare arms, legs, and shoulders, she is now a beacon to those Arab or Muslim women across the world who might harbor the same female desires but cannot express them. The NOW ladies, who tend to abhor beauty pageants anyway, could not have had a more effective spokeswoman for womens' rights.

So while there was probably some tendency to pick her because of her Arab/Muslim heritage and how it relates to our image around the world, she's still hot. We can only hope the radical Wahhabists don't put out a fatwa on her. They simply must to be consistent, mustn't they?


Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that Rima Fakih can count on me to hide her. I wonder if she has my phone number ...

LASunsett said...

Akhmed her uncle has it your number, Mustang. I'd stay clear of this one, buddy. The 500 is coming up, and I am sure to run into Milka sooner or later. Maybe if Hugo gets mad at her?!!

Debbie said...

I still can't find out if she is American or not. Born in South Lebanon, but not one report that she ever became a citizen.

I think she offends the NOW crowd. They have never been concerned about abused Muslim women around the world.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Sho 'nuff, Debbie. And that's the only reason I'm for this pick. She sticks a finger in the eye of the neanderthals with their boots on the neck of Arab/Muslim women.

If she turns out to be a Hizballah sleeper inserted into the contest to gain favor for the terrorist side such will become evident soon, and the blogosphere can deal with her.