Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mosque, er Community Center, at Ground Zero

This is a fascinating interview on the Behar show and this time Joy doesn't get in the way--it's about the proposed Muslim skyscraper mosque community center tolerance and diversity place with prayer space only 600 feet from ground zero:

The detractor was fantastic--calm, cool, collected, apolitical and she largely silenced the Huffpo stooge. Her seminal point is made at the end: wouldn't it be a great gesture of understanding for the Muslims involved in this to say "we understand the sensitivity and will go somewhere else"? Sounds more than reasonable. Interesting question from Joy--where is the funding coming from? Answer--spin. Here's some community reaction in case you missed it.

BTW, nobody on the panel mentioned the "Cordoba" part of the name and what it means. Patterico explains, and it has nothing to do with tolerance.

MORE 5/27/10

Here's Walid Shoebat on the Imam of the New York mosque, including among other things a reminder that he (like Reverend Wright and others) blamed America in part for 9/11. Now we are asked to trust him, at least when he speaks English.

And this is a shame, because a preponderance of Muslims are probably not behind a secret plan for Sharia law in America. It's those who practice taqiyya (it's permitted to lie for jihad) who give all Muslims a bad name, leaving those of non-Muslim descent to wonder if any can be trusted. After all as Obama says, we are at war.


Debbie said...

I've been following this, haven't posted much. Seems like the usual folks "get it", while the rest of the folks are still in the dark as to the true motives of the Muslims.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Same here. Just more of the same--an outrage every day. But I thought it was worth posting Geller's appearance since she gets a lot of heat from jackasses like Charles Johnson, but she's dead on correct here.