Saturday, May 08, 2010

Side Tracks

This poll is creating some buzz, not only about the number of 'birthers' in America but how those polled viewed the importance of the president's birthplace.

Now, I'm not gonna delve too deep into these numbers but odds are if a poll returns evidence that 32 percent of people believe O was born outside the country, with 1 in 7 of those being democrats/liberal....and those who never attended college are 2 times more likely to believe the non-citizen line, I think we can conclude that some Democrats are stupid birthers who hate the constitution. And since Obama presumably went to college (although records are scarce) that means he's less likely to believe he was born outside the country. Or thereabouts.

As for me, I definitely believe Obama was birthed, most likely in Honolulu, probably at a hospital (as was slipped out by the state's governor recently, and presumably without the permission of Obama, who wants none of his vault records released). And yes, yours truly went to college and has the mediocre grades to prove it!

Anyway, calling someone a birther is easy to do nowadays--it's usually based on the slightest hint of disbelief in the official Kos-approved narrative (or what Hillary might screamingly call patriotic dissent). My question then: if someone were to wonder why Barack "pops" Obama, Sr. would ever consider marrying Stanley Ann Dunham when he was already married to a woman in Kenya does that make them a birther? Or wonder when exactly Stanley Ann realized that the man of her 'dreams' was actually a two-timing bigamist? If so, then I'm a birther.

Oh well, since this is the music post--why not...

Aloha and Mihalo and book 'em Danno.

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