Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Flood of 10

Take a look at this map of the rainfall over Tennessee this past weekend..

That's upwards of three months of rainfall in one weekend for some spots, and river levels never seen before. People are still drying out from Memphis to Nashville, where perhaps a billion dollars of damage has occurred. Yes, with a B. Not to say this story hasn't been covered by the national press but even Google will ask if you really meant "a million" when entering "Nashville a billion dollars damage" in their search string.

Opryland will be closed for six months. The Navy base at Millington was swamped with hundreds of service people displaced and their important records system under repair causing the suspension of personnel actions across the system. A house floated down I-24. All fairly important stuff, but I guess a potential terror attack in Times Square was, too. Still, it's pretty bad when the mainstreamers can't even get interested enough to make the obligatory global warming comparisons, even down here in flyover Jesusland.

Oh well, as Hank Jr. says, country folk can survive, with or without crying mainstream media reporters. But if you'd like to help the many families who didn't have flood insurance because they weren't planning on a 500 year flood, here's one way..


This has nothing to do with the flooding, but just caught me as a bit ironic. Speaking above of Google thinking the billion in damages was a typo for a million, the stock market spike of Thursday originally featured the explanation that a typo was made where a trader pushed a B for billion instead of an M for million.

Then lo and behold, in today's Memphis paper we have a story where a criminal defendant was given a "billion dollar bail". I actually heard this on the radio yesterday it was literally a laugh out loud moment while in traffic--just a tad overdone maybe? Now today they explain it was only supposed to be a million. Hey, millions, billions, trillions, who can keep them straight anymore?


Debbie said...

I heard that we have had more rain this year (or was it month) since 1950, and this is just May 6. We will surly hit a huge record by the end of the month.

Yes country folk will survive. And it's not a racist thing because Nashville has a big mix of races and religions and a large Black population. So it's not just "White" folks.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I think it's the attitude of the flyover American, which isn't limited to the south or white folks.

Nevertheless it's hard to avoid noticing that Obama attended the miners' funeral then visited an oil slick but will probably avoid this event.

LASunsett said...

Mrs. Sunsett and I love downtown Nashville. It is such a fun destination for us (as long as we do not wear our Colts attire). It's not too far to drive, there is so much to see and do there. We love it.

It is breaking our hearts to see the pictures of the all of the water and the damage.

Debbie said...

Parents and friends of our grandson's school in Nashville came together this week to start the cleanup.

Donelson Christian Academy was the worst hit and they are not waiting for anybody. The work the volunteers did saved the school $75,000 in cleanup. Now THAT is Southern Hospitality.

Right Truth