Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Honesty is Still Available

By now you've heard about Richard Blumenthal, the candidate for Senate in CT, who has allowed a Vietnam service narrative to persist without bothering to correct it until busted by the New York Times. Turns out his five deferments are the same number as Cheney. And Joe Biden.

Yes, it's the same guy Glenn Beck destroyed during the AIG blowup..

He's predictably devolving into fantasyland as the noose tightens but why not try something novel? Something fresh and bold. Something honest. Just like in the movies....

That's about the only clip available but in a nutshell Eddie Bracken, coming home from WWII after getting booted out of the Marines for hay fever, allows a hero meme to follow him home and it continues to the point they want to elect him mayor. He finally gets enough of it and comes clean at the end in an emotional burst of honesty but the crowd warms to him even more. Who knows, it might work for Blumenthal. What does he have to lose?

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