Monday, May 10, 2010


From Elena Kagan's Columbia Princeton thesis:
In addition to her bemoaning the fact that the Socialist Party could not get off the ground in the early 20th century, Kagan further identifies one of the 'common enemies' of Socialists--the Christian Church.
No surprise there, both represent a god figure--one the god of government and other, God. But we'll leave it to her to explain her religious beliefs if she so desires. Of more import is her disappointment that sectarianism scuttled the 20th century socialism movement. Wonder what she thinks of things in 2010?

For instance, does Obama's penchant for throwing radical friends under the bus count as stick-togetherness today? After all, those thrown under the bus have yet to write vindictive tell-all like Paul O'Neill did with Bush. Taking one for the team is another way to put it.

She's probably a shoe-in, but GOP Senators need to keep a stiff backbone in their advice and consent session and ask some real questions. There's nothing wrong with a left of center president nominating a left of center justice--it's expected--but a socialist nominating another socialist under the cloak of something less radical is another matter. At 50 she could potentially serve for another 40 years.

As to other things Kagan, they say she has a short paper trail and like Obama spent time with Leroy Brown on the south side of Chicago. Hillary is from that area, too. So is Rahm. How ironic. And she's supposedly a "rabid" White Sox fan, at least when she was in Chicago. More karma. Maybe they can sneak Bob Costas onto the panel, or better yet, Ken Harrelson.

As to the sexual stuff, that's her private business. She appears to be against gay marriage, again, just like Obama.

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