Saturday, February 09, 2013

Brennan Hearing, Investigation Update

In a final clip here's Dan Coats grilling Brennan over the Yemen bomb plot revelation that led to a formal investigation not many remember and few are keeping up with because there are no blond spies involved..

In a nutshell, somebody in the US Govt leaked a story to AP about a week before the UBL takedown anniversary about a foiled bomb plot, which looked good for Obama.  In the meantime the administration came out and told media there were no credible threats on the anniversary.   That prompted the AP to go forward with their story, which made the administration suddenly look bad because they had said there were no threats.

In effect the White House sent Brennan out to calm the masses and reassure the press that hey, we've got 'inside control' so there was never a threat, so we didn't lie!   But as Coats points out, in doing so Brennan may have telegraphed that indeed there WAS a mole on the inside.  Eventually the mole, being run by the UK and Saudi Arabia, was determined to be burned and they removed him, which took away our inside man.  Brennan vigorously denied he did anything wrong, but said the FBI was still investigating (which has been a frequent refrain of late--surely the investigation at large will be completed by December 2016).  It certainly seems possible that the WH was more concerned about damage control over their earlier assessment of threats than they were about the inside man.    


Right Truth said...

You've done a great job covering the hearings. One thing to be learned about this particular segment, those who go undercover for the US can and will get burned, and the administration doesn't care. The doctor who helped with getting Osama is still in prison as far as I know.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Yep, certainly seems it was more important for Brennan to beat back the notion that the admin lied rather than protect the asset. After all, it wasn't our asset.